DIY Website Builder


I've got a way to help you build your own website without going bonkers trying to figure it all out on your own.

This is ESPECIALLY for those of you who get overwhelmed by all the tech stuff, because I'm going to take care of that part for you.

Yep, I totally am. 

All you're going to have to do is create your pages and write your content. All the wordpress stuff, the plugin updates, the theme configuration, back ups, security - all of that stuff will be taken care of FOR YOU.

Keep reading....

You see... *I'm* a web expert and guess what? You don't have to be. I say that will all the love.

I don't think it's the smartest move to spend all of your precious time learning everything there is to know about web design.

Yes, knowing some stuff is SUPER useful. You don't want to be dependent on a designer to always make changes for you, and it's nice to be able to DIY things when you want.

But, I think you should be focusing more of your time on working your business, spreading the word, helping your customers, and making YOUR magic.

You shouldn't be messing around with cpanels, web threats and which plugins to use. The best thing you can do for your business is to focus on crafting your message, sharing your work and building your gorgeous empire.

You with me on this?

Here's how this works

In a nutshell, I'm going to set up your website FOR you and get it ready for you to start fiddling. You'll be able to build your website exactly how you want it to be, with some great templates and tools that make it very easy.

The fiddling requires no coding, no heavy tech stuff and nothing too complicated. If you can upload images onto Facebook, make a payment for something online and send an email, you should be good to go.

AND, if you ever do get stuck, need help or advice, or want some feedback about how your site is coming along, I'm available in a few different ways

Totally havin' your back here!

We're going to take this DIY web building up a notch!

$59/month, cancel anytime after 4 months


Included with your BRIGHT site

Domain Name

Value = $12/year

This is your web address - like You may already have your domain purchased and ready to go, which is fine. But if you don't, I'll acquire it for you.

Secure Web Hosting

Value = $15/month

This is the place where all of your website information lives on the internet and how people all over the world can see it. I don't even fully understand how it works, but it's pretty cool. 🙂

Pro Email Address

Stop using gmail!

Time to step it up with a custom email like - or I'll get this set up for you and show you how to access and start using your new email.

Website love + maintenance

Regular Updates

WP, Theme + Plugins

When working with wordpress, it's really important that you keep all the bits and pieces up to date so your site keeps running the way it should. If you don't do this - things WILL break and get wonky. Trust me, I've had it happen on old neglected sites far too often than it should. It can be a pain to fix, so I'll keep your site up to date and current.

Website Love

Value = $35/month

Besides maintaining your website, I'll also give your site a monthly peek to make sure things are looking good, working properly and that there aren't any problems happening. I'll let you know if I see anything that needs attention on your end and if it's a tech issue, I'll fix it up right away.

Daily Backups

SO important!

You'll be able to get your site restored to the previous day's settings (which I'll do for you). This is just in case you really mess something up (it happens). OR in the unlikely event that a hacker finds their way in (this happens too, but I have ways that keep your site extra secure).

Your website set up for you

Installation Set Up

Done FOR you.

I will get your domain and hosting set up, wordpress installed, and all of the tech stuff above set up FOR you, so that you'll be ready to start putting your website together right away.

Site Branding

Value = $499

I'll configure your theme with all of your branding elements. I'll add in your chosen fonts, colors, your logo and a favicon. You'll be able to focus less on set up time and more on creating your CONTENT.

Licence Fees

Value = $268/year

Your site will be set up with a premium theme and deluxe page builder with add-on features that require yearly fees. These will be included for the entire life of our hosting relationship so you won't ever have to worry about these extra expenses.

A set of awesome tools

Brand Clarity

Value = $99

If you need help creating a stand out brand, you can sign up for my Brand Clarity Workshop (for FREE) to create all of your branding elements, including getting clear about your brand message, your dream clients and what makes your business unique.

Drag + Drop Editor

Makes it EASY!

You'll have uploaded to your site an easy to use page builder that lets you create a one of a kind website that looks professional and polished. Fancy feature boxes, gorgeous image backgrounds, animated elements, etc. - all without any coding.

Pre-made Templates

Look gorgeous online.

You don't have to be a designer to have a well designed website. You'll be able to upload to your pages from a collection of awesome templates and individual page elements with a click of a button. Just change out the dummy content with your own. Easy.

Support and encouragement

Facebook Group

Get support + ask questions.

You'll get access to my private facebook group with other BRIGHT Tribe members. I'm around alot in the group - available to answer questions and offer feedback, and so will the other members in the group. It's a great place to get support and tons of encouragement!

Live Q/A Webinars

Value = $125/month

At least once per month, I'll schedule a live Q/A session where you can watch along as I answer questions, sort out issues and demo new ways to set up your pages to create an amazing website. Ask your questions ahead of time if you can't join us live.

1:1 Help Sessions

Additional support.

You can hire me for a virtual consult or trouble shooting session at a discounted rate only for subscribers. We'll look at your website together, I'll show you how to accomplish what you need and you'll learn a ton of new things to help with your website goals.

That's alot, right?

It's over $2400 worth of value PER YEAR for only $59/month.

If you were to pay for all of this individually, WITHOUT me doing your set up or maintenance, and without the Q/A calls or the facebook group - just you DIYing stuff all on your own - you'd be paying $51/month for these exact same tools and set up.

For just a few dollars more per month, you also get ME. I'll be here to answer your questions, offer feedback, get you out of a jam, and take care of the website tech stuff FOR you.

$59/month, cancel anytime after 4 months.

Get started

Don't want to DIY?

$425.00 Done For You Web Design Buy Now

Questions you might have

Don't see the answer to your question below?

Send me a note, I'm happy to chat with you so see if this solution is a good fit for your business needs. 

What's the difference between this and something like Squarespace?

First off, I love Squarespace! I think their system is pretty easy and their designs are gorgeous. So if you're thinking of going that route, it could be a great solution for you.  

The reason I prefer wordpress over Squarespace (or Wix or any of the others) is that you have so much more control over your own platform.   As your business grows, your website can grow with it. 

There are a ton of things you just can't do (or do as easily) with something like Squarespace. They all have limitations.  

WordPress gives you so much functionality and the ability to add new features to your website without having to use 3rd party systems, saving you money down the road.   

If you'd like your website to become a robust space for you to run your business online, wordpress is the way to go!   

If you need something fairly simple and straightforward and you find a template that you like on Squarespace (so you won't have to tink around with it too much), then that will probably work great for you.  

I also like the drag and drop editor that you'll be getting with this program. It's very easy to use and HIGHLY customizable, so you can create a one of a kind website easily - without having to learn a lick of coding.  

Then, with this program - you are getting SO much more than the tools and technology to create your website. You're also having someone maintain and manage all your tech details, which is a HUGE benefit.  

You'll also be getting my expertise, support and availability to help you along the way.  That is worth the cost of admission alone!  

Having someone in your corner, advising and guiding you as you build your own website is a HUGE time saver and stress reducer!

When will the live Q/A calls be?

At a minimum, I will do a live Q/A call on zoom the 2nd Tuesday of every month at noon PST.  If I ever need to change that, I'll let everyone know ahead of time.

I'll add some extra calls as the number of people joining this program increases, or if I feel like people are needing extra support.  

How soon will my website be ready after I sign up?

I'll need some tidbits from you to get your website ready - a checklist will be emailed after you sign up so you can start gathering your materials right away. 

Your website will be ready within 2 business days after you send me everything I need.

What if I already have a website URL?

That's great! We can use it, I'll just need your login info from where you purchased your domain. 

I already have a website, can I move it to this platform?

Yep, you can totally do that! How easy that is depends on many factors, so send me an email and we can talk more about it before you sign up.

Additional fees may apply depending on how complex your situation is.

What happens if I want to cancel or move my website?

No problem, you can cancel anytime after 4 months.

If you're moving your site, there will be some housekeeping items to take care of. For example, if want to keep using the drag and drop page builder, you'll need to set up your own license - or you'll need to set up your own hosting account and move all of your files over.

Just send me a note and I'll help you sort it out.

Can you just do the set up part, but I'll host my website somewhere else?

Nope, that's not what this is. 

I've been working with start up entrepreneurs for many years now. And, I've taught courses on web design. I've seen where people get stuck and what has them NOT get their website created. 

This service has been created to help you get your website up and running so you can get to work on building your business! 

I've thought alot about how I can best serve the people I love working with and this package, the way it's put together, is what I've created. 

Will I need to purchase a separate theme for my website?

Nope! A theme is included that works brilliantly with the drag and drop editor you'll be using. But, if you have a theme that you really love and want to use - they will most likely work together.

Send me a note to ask about it before you sign up just to make sure.

Are there any other fees I should expect to pay?

There could be 3rd party apps or services that you choose to use for your business.

For example, you might choose to use a paid service for:

  • Newsletter
  • E-Course Platform
  • Scheduling Program
  • E-Commerce
  • Membership Site
  • Payment Processing Fees
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation

Most of those are more advanced business needs, which you'll be happy to pay for when your business reaches those levels.

Just starting out, you can get by with a pretty lean overhead. Feel free to email me with questions if have specific needs for your business and you'd like to make sure that this platform will work for you.

And, a word of caution - don't buy into the hype that alot of online pros try to get you to believe. You can get ALOT of business done without paying for every.single.slick.tool. that's out there. People will try to convince you that you NEED these to succeed, but that just might not be true.  

Again, ask me if you're not sure. I'm well versed in alot of the common online business tools.

What if I have a question but can't join you on a live Q/A call?

You have a few options:

  1. You can ask your question in the Facebook group and I will either answer it there or send you a note.
  2. You can send me an email before the call with your issues and I can answer it on the Q/A call, which will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group.
  3. You can set up a one-on-one help session anytime if you'd like some individual attention.

I don't really want to DIY my website, do you take on custom projects?

Yep, totally!  You can see some of my custom projects here and if you'd like to set up a time to chat about your needs - head to my scheduler to set up a new client meet and greet. We can chat more about your needs and take it from there.

Will you help me set up my newsletter?

Yes, I can do that FOR you - just send me a note with details about what you need and I'll put a quote together for you.

Or, this is something that we can cover on a live Q/A call if you need some help getting this figured out on your own.  

Will I be able to have a blog?

Absolutely!  That is one of the great things about wordpress.. your blog will be ready to go right from the start. All it needs is your brilliance.

What if I need an online store, a portfolio, e-courses or a membership site?

All possible. These are more advanced online tools, but you'll be able to add them to you site when you're ready for them. 

I'm available to help with the set up of these extras - for an additional fee, of course. Or, this is the sort of thing you can bring up on a Q/A call or in the Facebook group.  I can help get you pointed in the right direction. 

There are free and paid options for all of these things that integrate with wordpress, as well as 3rd party apps or services that can make it a little easier. I'm happy to advise and offer suggestions depending on what your business needs.

Ready to get started?

$59/month, cancel anytime after 4 months