The key to growing your business and being KNOWN as the GO TO person in your industry is to focus on building up your PERSONAL BRAND.

Personal Branding Means:

  • You have a clear purpose and commitment to make a difference. You stand for something.

  • Your audience is deeply connected to you in a personal way - they trust YOU and want to be apart of what YOU'RE doing (because you're awesome!).

  • You give people a peek into your REAL life and experience. Doing so builds a powerful bond with your audience.

  • There is nothing generic or cookie cutter about what you do - you bring your unique expertise and personality to the party.

  • People want to work with you because there is a real person that they can relate to and trust. (And you don't take that for granted).

Personal Branding requires that you SHOW UP with intention and purpose.

This challenge is about planning out HOW you're going to show up, WHERE, for WHO and crafting what you're going to say.

Clarity + A Solid Plan leads to CONFIDENCE.

What you can expect from the challenge

Create and plan how you're going to show up in 2019

  • Day 1: Dream Big

    What do you want for your business in this new year and how will that impact all areas of your life?

  • Day 2: Show Up

    Intentionally planning out the who, how and WHERE you want to show up and be seen in 2019.

  • Day 3: Make Your Mark

    Be here to serve and do it in a way that has impact. How do you plan to purposefully make a difference?

  • Day 4: Your Voice

    Learn how to create a compelling brand message that will become the heart of your brand.

  • Day 5: Deliver

    Planning, accountability and getting organized so you can do your best work - all year long.

Who this challenge is for

Solo business owners who are ready to show up, be seen, grow their business and have a breakthrough 2019.